nTrack Re-Installation..

After a few months of the last nTack installation, and after I gave up on the program, I’m trying to install it again.

Everything installs fine, but when I try to open the program an error occurs…here’s a shot of the screen.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Long shot… try resetting your Preferences to default (Preferences menu, or selectable when you install), and restarting N-track.



Hi Guys:
There was a topic on this very issue not so ling ago… One of the guys over on the Audio Minds Board found a place on the registry where that information is stored… I’ve never had to go looking for that stuff… But if you’re stuck, that information is on the registry… So he says…


It seems to me that it was tj813, that posted that thread…

I think the codes are in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\N-track.


The problem is that, when I try to open the program it does not let me do anything :(

More Info.

Thanks guys! :cool:

Did you get it fixed?

You may be able un install and re-install to clear your preferences.

Or delete the config files (config2.* in the N-track program directory. Back it up first!).


Quote (Mark A @ May 02 2005,04:37)
Did you get it fixed?


Nope....I'm trying..Thanks

This is a bug in n-Tracks in the new version. Go back to build 1811 and see if it repros. I can open and use 1840 as long as the preferences have not been saved – install run with the defaults, change to point to the preferred devices, load up a song and part.

The part doesn’t work is exiting and restarting n-Tracks after changing the devices. It will crash with an unhandled exception in the .NET framework goo at the next startup. The only workaround is to reinstall and many change the devices every time.

I have not reported this to Flavio because I don’t have all the facts I need about it yet. This is the symptom but doesn’t give a clue why it’s happening.

It does NOT repro on my machine at work. What’s difference in my work machine and home machine? Not that much that should matter. Both are multi-monitor. Both are 3.2 ghz P4. Home has two Echo Audio cards - work has an Audigy ZX. I’ve have much better luck with the echo cards than creative cards when it come to stability.

There are a few other things I need to check on and rule out.

Thanks Phoo!