nTrack v2 and Windows XP

Despite the many iterations of nTrack, for my purposes v2.2 is my much preferred form. I want to get a refurbished desktop that will run Windows XP (since v2.x doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7 or later) with ease. So my question is, what computer specs should I look for in a desktop that would enable v2.2 to run smoothly (CPU, RAM, soundcard, etc)? I have v2.2 on an old Toshiba laptop (from 2009), and it runs okay if I only have a few tracks to deal with, but it is a business laptop and there is a lot of noise when I try to record. I just want something that is much more capable of handling recording and mixing more tracks.

I will be using the desktop ONLY for nTrack v2.2 and will not be connecting to the internet as I am aware that support is no longer available for Windows XP.