NTrack with Chromebook or Other Low End Laptop

Is anyone using N-Track with a Chromebook? Any issues/requirements/advice to pass on regarding using N-Track on a Chromebook or any other low end laptop?

I’m in the market for a low end laptop. I want it to work well with N-Track and the Roland A300 Pro keyboard I use it with. But I’ve never used N-Track with a laptop, only with a tablet. So I want to make sure the laptop will have the basics covered and there aren’t any gotchas that I won’t be able to anticipate without advice from others.

I’m shooting for 8 GB RAM, could be a Windows or Chromebook machine, possibly used or refurbished. I’ll a traveller 100%, so I can’t lug around a desktop. I’m just looking for anything I won’t have any known issues with and will be an improvement over what I’m currently doing, which is using N-Track with a low end tablet. I’m definitely not planning to spend a lot of money.

Thank you.

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I bought a cheap HP 15 Scarlet laptop from Walmart for like 350 bucks and the only complaints I’ve had really are that it didn’t have enough RAM at 4 gigs of RAM but other than that it works pretty flawlessly depending on what kind of music you’re doing it should be just fine. I recently upgraded to a different computer and it only has four more gigs of RAM at the total of 8 it lets me run all the plug-ins I want without any issues whatsoever but like I said what the Scarlet laptop that I bought at for around $350 I could have got one with 8 gigs of RAM for like another 70 bucks so if that’s somewhere in your price range you should be able to do that.

Another option is to do what I did for my recent upgrade and that’s go on Facebook Marketplace and find a used gaming PC the one I found I got for $225 and it’s quite nice so that’s always an option as well I hope any of this has helped