ntrack5 is working nicely on my laptop!

After finally and reluctantly upgrading from my trusty 3.3 to the latest and greatest 5.x, I have to admit everything has worked out great! Looking forward to more years with Ntrack, IMO the best DAW on the market.

That’s good to hear! I need to buy a laptop soon…

I still do have a grunt about recording 24 bit mono files, but apart from that I think that version 5.x of n-Track is the fastest and most stable version (knock wood) yet. I like the enhancements and the ease of workflow, especially when compared to e.g. Cubase SE, which has a clogged, design-heavy look and a much less intuitive interface. I’m happy I did go for an upgrade, and am eager to get my hands on a version where the last serious errors and maladies are history.

regards, Nils

As I understand it, the inability to record 24bit mono is a “feature” of ASIO. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

An ASIO channel is a stereo channel, no matter what. What your application do with that stereo channel is up to the application - and the user.

I have an E-mu 1820 soundcard with eight inputs, i.e. four stereo channels. Channel 1 and 2 comes the two mic inputs. that’s one stereo channel. Channel 3 and 4 comes from the stero mixer for other signals (external, ten inputs). Channel 5 and 6 comes from the stereo outputs of my synthesixer/motherkeyboard. Channel 7 and 8 cones from a POD amp-sim for guitar. I use ASIO throughout all my applications wherever possible.

With this hardware setup I can record a mono or a stereo wave file at 16 bit resolution in n-Track 5, Cubase SE, Samplitude 8 and Wavelab. I can also record a 24 bit stereo wave file in n-Track 5, Cubase LE, Samplitude SE8 and Wavelab. I can record a 24 bit mono wave file in Cubase LE, Samplitude SE8 and Wavelab, but not n-Track v. 5. At the risk of repeating myself:

This is NOT an ASIO issue.

I have several projects to prove I have been able to record 24 bit mono wave files in earlier versions of n-Track - This is how I work when I use a single microphone. I set n-Track to record the (stereo) channel onto a 24 bit mono track, adding the two channels to form a mono track or discarding one of the channels in favour of the other. In version 5, I can do just that in n-Track in 16 bit, but not in 24 bit. I can record a 24 bit mono wave file without any problems whatsoever in Samplitude, Cubase and Wavelab, all under the newest ASIO drivers.

I just hope this gets fixed real soon…

regards, Nils

Hi Nils K and Captain Damage:
Do you think it might be something that Flavio did in the v5.0.9 beta builds?

Maybe, go back to the what’s new History to see what he changed… I think he has… If that’s the case re-install v5.0.8 or (the last build that worked for you) to see what difference that makes to your set-up…

If that’s is the issue you may have to come up with a work-around for your setup…