ntrck0setup.msi in temp folder

n-track requires ntrck0setup.msi to run

Here’s another question having absolutely nothing to do with digital recording. Maybe should be in another forum. I’ve sent this issue to Flavio but he hasn’t answered me. There is a file in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.myname\Local Settings\Temp named ntrck0setup.msi. It got put here by the upgrade to the current n-track release. Like the tidy person I am, I deleted this file because (I thought) anything in a “temp” folder can safely be deleted. How wrong I was. N-track requires this file to run.

My suggestion to Flavio was that he put this file (it’s over 5.2M) somewhere else. Has anybody successfully moved this file out of the temp folder?

It’s safe to delete. That’s a temp install file used only when n-Tracks is actually being installed. The file you don’t want to delete is your original ntrack_sw.exe setup file that was downloaded.


N-track requires this file to run.

How so? That file doesn’t exist on amy of my machines that has n-Tracks installed and it runs fine. An msi file is nothing more than a setup file.

I did delete it and n-track wouldn’t start. Opened a window that said it needed that file and couldn’t find it. If you want, I’ll delete it again to get the exact wording of the error message, but then I’ll have to reinstall n-track. This has happened with two releases of n-track.

Well…duh…I just found 22 copies of it on one of my machines, but not the laptop. I didn’t look in the right directory first time.

So, I don’t know. It shouldn’t be required if it’s in the temp folder. That would be bad in my opinion, and a bug in the install.

I wonder what the difference is in my laptop and the other machine?

Hmmm… I got 5 of them (ntrck0setup.msi to ntrck4setup.msi). I guess the installer increments the number by one for each build that is installed?

Anyway, deleting them made no difference to N-track running. It works just fine.


I’ll delete it again to get the exact wording of the error message, but then I’ll have to reinstall n-track.

Why don’t you just put it in the Recycle Bin so you can restore it if N-track gives problems, or rename the file so you can name it back afterwards?


Hmmm. Works for me too, now. I deleted this file to the Recycle Bin and n-track starts fine. I’ll leave it there for a while to make sure it really isn’t needed. Sorry for the false alarm.