Oberheim Perf/x Strummer

anyone ever use one of these?

The reason I ask is I am trying to figure out if it will be able to provide background strumming while I play keyboard or lead notes on a guitar while a GI-20 sends out Midi data to it.
(eg, act as a back up rhythm player during keyboard and guitar solos)

I was experimenting with a software arpeggio generator for this application but it was basically the same as using a backing track and I want something that can move and work with me as my own tempos in playing change…

dontcare :cool:

Got me. Why are you not doing FAWM?

OH, Tom…

do you really want to go there?

my check list is long on list of things to do, I’ve got about 4 more modules to hook up before I am up and running here…and a lot more configuring after that…

Trust me tho, once I got everything tucked away it’s going to be watch out world. :agree:

dontcare :cool:

Excuses! Grab a mic and a guitar and start doing some demos! :agree:

(Peer pressure sucks!) :laugh:

and you’ve heard my demos done like that!,

still you would try to temp me to do it again!

some friend. :laugh:

what am I clown? am I here to amuse you?

Anywho the stuff I’m doing doesn’t follow a click track, I’m the track, and off the chain, who can follow such things?


jeremy, go listen to what people are doing over there. It’s about getting songs out, quantity, not quality. And no one EVER makes fun of anyone there. It’s really a nice place.