Great song man! I love the little diddy’s going on in the background. How did you do the fade in effect on your voice? The effect sounds really awesome!


Hi TonyR:

Those beds fit together well…
The kick and bass has the correct dynamics to allow for the spaces of all the other tracks…
Well, that’s the way I hear what’s going on…

You carry out those skills very well, with all the songs you create…


Thanks Mosley, Bill.

Oh! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My work is done.

That effect is done by doing a sub-mix of the tracks in question and then re-load and reverse them, then apply reverb of the correct length and then reverse the result and re-load into the project.
Nah! It’s magic!

You’re truly a master magician Tony! :)


Loads going on and you give everything its own space while delivering an overall “fat” sound. Nice work.