ok, another midi problem

it seems that if I wish to use the basic midi on my computer (ie not midi to vsti) that I am required to check "keep midi devices open."

unfortunately though allowing me to hear the midi instruments, I am unable to record, play, turn on monitoring in the recording vu meter, change preferences, or any other handy feature :) without n-track crashing to the desktop immediately.

If I uncheck “keep midi devices open” n-track works fine, except that I can’t hear any midi notes, regardless of my output settings or whether the LIVE feature is on or not. no audio from midi. (excluding the midi to vsti method which works fine.)

I’ve contacted Flavio and am awaiting a response but I thought I’d ask the midi gurus here in the meantime.

btw, latest version, latest build.

my midi options are, midi mapper, ms gs wavetable, mpu-401, midi yoke, layla midi out, and an onboard soundcard’s midi synth which the card is usually disabled.

I have to choose either midi mapper or the ms gs wavetable to play midi and have it sent to my layla’s outputs. mpu-401 doesn’t do anything, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do anyways. midi yoke is a virtual patchbay you could say, the layla’s midi out is hardware, and has nowhere to go :), and the other audio card is as I said, disabled.

Yeps, with external MIDI you’d have to “keep midi open”.
Midi on itself would not turn up in VU meters.
Is your keyboard a sound device on it’s own right or is it merely a midi-keyboard without sound ?

neither actually. I’m clicking on the piano roll keyboard and getting nothing. or I was. I reset my to the default settings again and it seems to work now. Flavio wrote back and of course it works :) I did run some other suggestions by him though. hopefully he takes them and uses them.

so now my midi works by pressing the piano roll keyboard and n isn’t crashing constantly.

Just an FYI, MPU-401 is the physical MIDI interface on your sound card. You shouldn’t expet to hear anything with MPU-401 selected unless you are using an external sampler, keyboard, or sound module.