Old file, gets named "new file"

Cant find file

I’'ve noticed that the file convention here is; open existing file, and it is calling it “new file”…which makes no sense when you are editing an existing file. If you hit save after edits, like I just did, you save an entirely different header than you thought…why is it not called the original file?

Now I have a buncha “new file” stuff saved that means nothing to me. I find the file convention of this program to be weird. Therefore, I get a bunch of “cant find file” when it is looking for the wav singles that make up a song.

Anyone shed some light on this?

When you finish recording something, are you saving it as a wav file? If so, stop doing that.

N-track will save your song (and multitracks) as it’s own songfile. When you open that, it will open it with all of your tracks. Each individual track that makes up your song will be given the name of New Song followed by a number indicating the order it was recorded. Many of us rename these individual tracks, (ie. Rhytym guitar, Drums, etc). You can edit these while in the song without having the problems you are having now.

If you open one of the individual tracks and edit it, yes, N will ask you for a new name.

I hope this helps