old user new question

hello everyone. im an old user who has a few questions. first is it 62dollars even for older versions? howcome i need to install all these things i no nothing about in order to install the newest ver? im still using ver 3 and im thinking if upgrading but i dont wanna install whatever it is that is called for to install the latest version. im using the demo of ver 4 and everything seems fine. im having tons of latency issues which i never had before but since i restored my computer i cant get things to run well anymore. i love this program and have been faithful ever since buying my first one. i didnt need to mess with any settings on this demo and i have no latency at this time. is there any kind of break for wanting an older ver? i dont wanna switch to audacity because i know all i need to with ntrack and its easy to use to record my dj mixes…dan

i just cant afford 60dollars right now…

deejay - I’m not sure what Flavio’s policy on that may be. email him at info@ntrack.com and see if he might help you out.

thanks for the reply. Flavio has resolved my issue. still usin 3.3 but it works for me.


Flavio has resolved my issue.