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Mr Young Live 1977

Came across this while searching for videos by one of my favourite bands ( Edguy)
I’ve heard a lot of critiscm about Neil Youngs guitar playing from the more “technical purists”. But I never really subscribed to that view. Sometimes playing what you feel, and with heart can be more effective than the dazzling fingerwork of someone like Yngwie Malmsteen who plays with immense skill but no soul.
Like A Hurricane from “Live Rust” is and always will be one of my favourite solos.And, I don’t care how many strings he uses :)

Like a Hurricane (Not from Live Rust)

Hey thanks!

Neil actually talks about his playing vs. technical wiz’s in one of the interviews I heard. He describes talking a solo as digging into the ground and not knowing where you’re going to end up. Neil plays with as much feeling as any one I know and his “sound” is unmatched by anyone.

When the 3 wiz guitarists did “Rockin’ in the Free World” it didn’t impress me anyone than Neil’s original version.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Sep. 03 2006,02:09)
When the 3 wiz guitarists did "Rockin' in the Free World" it didn't impress me anyone than Neil's original version.

:D The bad news for you is that I'm half way through recording " Out of the Blue" with a guitarist that I know. Let me know when you go on vacation and I'll post it :laugh: