Only piano sounds on synths

I can only get piano sounds from all software synths in n-track Studio. How can I fix this problem?


is this on a new song project or it also happens on a song created from scratch (i.e. selecting the New song command)? What platform are you on (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)?
If the problem occurs when loading a song saved with a previous version of n-Track, does the correct sound comes back if you re-select it from the Instrument browser?


It happens on both a saved track and one created from scratch. My other synths work ok like Cherry Audio Voltage Modular and VCV Rack. Just the synths that come with n-track studio have nothing but piano sounds. I’m probably sure it’s a configuration problem. Currently I’m locked out of my pc in safe mode as it won’t take my password after trying to install VPS Avenger which is turning out to be a nightmare. So I am going to have to do a factory reset on Windows 10 before I can go forward.