You know how things come back to haunt you???

Check out “The Inside” and then check out the “Band” :whistle:

Perhaps using my own name ‘Ian Brough’ might have been a wee mistake. Frankly Priscilla The Pig was a bitch to work with :)

Zoo Race

I’m lost among Animal Farm images… So, you’re in “The Band” :whistle:

Which tunes did you sing on? (I don’t turn my sound up on myspace hardly ever)

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Oct. 18 2008, 5:50 PM)

I'm lost among Animal Farm images.... So, you're in "The Band"

Which tunes did you sing on? (I don't turn my sound up on myspace hardly ever)

I only sung on 'The Inside', and I swear I never touched an animal (not being of the Welsh persuasion). I think it was around 4 years ago!

“I like it. The voice adds an interesting touch, though I’d say the drums are the best part.”
(Actual quote from the site!)


I’m saying nothing.
I downloaded the demo and actually played it.

Oh, and even though my surname is Welsh, I am not of the Welsh persuasion.
Well, not on a weekday.


You did good Ian !

Very 60’s sounding tune Ian! I liked it, you did a great job!

No animals or strats were harmed in the making of this post! :laugh: