Opinions on MIDI controllers

I’m thinking about getting either a Studiologic VMK-88 MIDI Keyboard or a Studiologic SL-161PRO MIDI controller. Any opinions on these or other controller?

Note - the SL-161PRO is only 61-notes which may be enough for my needs.

I want to use the controller for both stage & studio use.

Thanks in advance.

Go for the VMK, if you feel that the 61-key machine is inadequate. The VMK had an earlier cousin, the TMK-88 (street price ~$250). I think I remember reading a review on the TMK in Keyboard magazine and the reviewer said the TMK was sturdy has heck, even if you bent it around (because it is thin). I’m thinking the VMK would be built the same, since it is more or less a later version of the TMK afterall, but with more features. Finding reviews on all 3 of these keyboards should give you a better guess on which to purchase. MF currently sells the VMK at $450 and the TMK at $250. Good luck.

Right & thanks. I’m looking at the MF’s sale right now. It goes to 5/31. I also looked at the TMK.

I’m mostly going to be doing organ stuff so one thing I’m wondering about is do I really want semi-weighted keys?

Bare in mind, that I haven’t actually played any of these units.

I suppose you could opt for the Yamaha/Casio portable keyboards and use those as MIDI controllers. And just in case your MIDI connection dies onstage, you could always switch to the onboard sounds. Better than nothing!

Example, you could buy two CTK-496’s or PSR-172’s and use them as a 2-manual organ on a 2-tier keyboard stand. I’m using these two particular models in this example, because they are the cheapest at MF in the $90 range. Keys aren’t weighted as far as I can tell.

Next step up would be the 76-key Yamaha/Casio portables ($300 range).

I assume all or most 88-key MIDI controllers are going to have weighted action, so as to emulate real piano keys, instead of no weights at all. And by “weighted action”, I mean the keyboard, not chubby chasing.