Optimizing the piezo bridge pickup on an iPad - live

I want to use n-track on an iPad Pro to get the best sound possible out of my semihollow electric hybrid when playing live in my living room to a flat powered speaker or to take to an open mic and plug into the house PA. I’m discovering that either that’s not very easy to do - or - I might be a little obsessive and picky. Part of my problem is my guitar (Dean Colt) which is a thinline semi-hollow with a piezo bridge so there’s no body to speak of, it’s all piezo.

Currently I’m using an iRig Pro Duo as a dual interface (for a mic and guitar) with nTrack as my main hub and routing the guitar’s signal to a variety of inter-app programs such as Amplitube, Bias FX, Tonebridge or GarageBand. Electric tones are no problem whatsoever, tons of very nice options there, but trying to get convincing acoustic tones has been a bear. I’ve about exhausted my patience with Acoustic sim plugins and multiple parametric equalizers. There has to be a better way.

I’ve come across a new concept to me called an IR or Impulse Response. Is that something nTrack can utilize? Modeling in general is mysterious and even more mainstream tone-shaping methods like exciters, envelope or combing filters are voodoo to me. What method have you had success with?

Almost forgot to include an image to illustrate my setup: