OT: Looking for program to convert wav to midi

for drum loops

Does anyone know if such a program exists? I’m not looking for a program that with detect the pitch of monophonic notes and create a midi file with a piano sound or something like that. I found a couple of those programs like that on the Net.

I would like a program similar to Recycle that could slice up the individual hits in a drum loop, and then (this is what Recycle can’t do: ) make an educated guess given the sound of the slice as to whether it is a snare, kick, some kind of cymbal etc. and then allow you to export a midi file of the drum beat created from the wav file.

Recycle can of course, export a midi file of the groove, but it doesn’t map the midi notes to the appropriate drum instruments, just maps sequencially up the keyboard.

With all the other magic that software can do, it seems that this should be possible and would be very useful. It would allow you to convert a library of wav file drum loops to drum loop midi files (then you could load a drum sampler such as Battery and change the drum samples to whatever you want and adjust the tempo.

Anyone ever seen anything like this?



I Googled for “wav to midi” and came up with a lot of possibilities.

Here’s one:


But I don’t know anything about it. There are a lot of free downloads to play with and see if they will do what you want. This one is highly rated.




Thanks for the suggestion, but programs such as that will try to detect the actual pitch of the incoming signal. To assign drum instruments to the proper midi notes you would not want the program to detect the real pitch of the sound and transform that into its midi equivalent.

Rather, the program would have to determine “oh, this is a very low bass frequency, therefore it must be a kick, I will assign it to C1” or “this sounds like a snare drum, therefore I will assign it to D1” (I think those are the notes typically used for kick and snare, forgive me if I’m mistaken.)



Rod, there is a program which will do this but I’m darned if I can remember it’s name, the little grey cells don’t work as well as they used to. Anyway, the point of the program is to replace drum sounds after they were recorded. You set the trigger points and told the prog which .wav files to use, then when the sound came along hey presto! it was replaced with the one you pointed it to.
Ahhh I knew I was rambling for a reason, I’ve remembered now. The program you want is DRUMAGOG.
There is a very simple vst as well called mda BeatBox which just does kick, snare and hihat. I don’t think drumagog is free.