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Daddy Fresh Music

Anybody ever hear of Daddy Fresh Music? Any feedback? I’m lookin’ before I leap.

Never heard of 'em. Just know your rights and what you’re agreeing to before you commit to that mid-air experience!

What do they get to do with your music?


Quote (Sloom @ Oct. 04 2006,20:26)
What do they get to do with your music?

They advertise that if your music is good enough they'll offer a label deal like any other label, advance, promotion, radio 1 airplay, blah blah blah, same with a publishing deal. They'll catalog, promote, whatever. If an artist picks up your track you get paid the licensing fee. If it's recorded and played you get royalties. They also make it possible for someone to sponsor you. It could be an individual or a company. So your Uncle Frank who believes in you can be your "Sugar Daddy" or Nike can....You don't have to pay to submit your material like some other sites I've researched. I've listened to some of the artists they've signed. Some of them have some notable experience under their belts. Couldn't find a "testimonial" clicket though..... I also tried googling "feedback" on the site. No hits. I'm still checking them out though. I'm in Md. they're in London. I like to be able to touch what I'm dealing with, know what I mean? Maybe I'll post on one of these legal forums and see what they say.


Thanks! Great info!

Yeah, that “virtual” thing can be a little less than solid-feeling, I’d think.