OT: Problems using Jamstix with SAVIHost

I am using the Jamstix demo version with SAVIHost, and my problem is that I can’t rewind to the beginning of the Arranger to listen to an arrangement.

I am in Manual (Jam) mode, and I’ve selected Stop and Rewind in Jamstix, which shows the green cursor at the start. But when I press play again, it plays back from the last bar reached previously.

SAVIHost seems to have playback and stop controls, but they are greyed out (except record and stop buttons), and I suspect they may be for wav file playback/record only, not for the plugin playback… can anyone clarify this?

Perhaps I’m having problems because I only have the demo version of Jamstix…?

(I’m using MME drivers - thinking about installing ASIO, not sure if this is relevant anyway).

Hope someone can help. Many thanks


I worked it out…

Need to click the [ bpm ] display twice to rewind to zero.

Please ignore this thread! :p