Our music

made with n-Track Studio

Altough i’ve shifted focus from n-Track Studio 5 to Cubase Studio 4.1.3 lately, These songs were still recorded, mixed and mastered within n-Track.

Apologies for the site being in danish, but I think you get the idea…

The NON-Famers

regards, Nils

Hi Nils K:
It’s good to see you back here… and still producing your music…

Has n-Track v6.0 and these series of builds working for you? OR… have you moved out of n-Track altogether?


Hi Bill.

I’m still lurking around in the forum, yes. And yes, I have quit using n-Track completely, although it still resides on my DAW, primarily for converting older projects into Cubase Studio format, which is what I use now.

During the last couple of years I’ve outgrown n-Track a bit with my projects growing increasingly complex and, for a couple of reasons, the decision had to be made.

I have not been able to make a mono recording in 24 bit with n-Track, although I have tried every suggestion made by the forum, had a long mail conversation with Flavio, and even tried to do without it. (“why on earth would anyone record a single backing vocal in stereo?!?”) Nobody were able top reproduce the problem. All other recording applications I have tried, Samplitude 8 SE, Cubase LE, Wavelab Lite and Cubase Studio 4, have had no problems at all recording to mono. This alone was enough for me to make the shift to another app, but still…

Anything sent through the Aux channels in n-Track were delayed by some 20 ms with regard to everything else. Either I could reroute everything through the Aux channels, which I find awkward, or stop using the Aux channels, which is next to impossible if any serious mixing is to be carried out (vst reverbs etc.). I never saw a solution to that problem anywhere.

The midi recording and editing features of n-Track have always been lacking IMHO. I got into the habit of not saving a project after loading a VSTi into a project, because n-Track would invariably crash if I tried to unload it again whenever I changed my mind.

I never could use more than about 4-6 VST’s in a project before my DAW would flag… - I have sucessfully had more than 25 individual VST’s running on exactly the same hardware with Cubase Studio.

n-Track would stutter - and sometimes crash - whenever a project was saved during play. It is next to impossible to mix anything down without saving all the time, especially as n-Track was prone to crash. The stability issue has also kept me from updating n-Track, as the latest update of Cubase Studio is steady as a rock, even under pressure.

I have also found features in Cubase Studio that I have always been missing in n-Track, for instance, on-the-fly-editing of audio events, scripting, easy, flexible hardware integration (i use a BCF2000 for realtime, hardware-controlled mixdowns now - I know n-Track have a like feature, but it has to be set up in detail for every project - Cubase Studio uses a scripting file, and that’s it.)

All in all - at the end of the day n-Track did not agree well with my DAW, or with my humble self for that matter. As I keep saying, YMMV, and if it weren’t for n-Track I would still be struggling with my Fostex 280 4-track cassette mixer without ever moving into the world of digital recording.

n-Track is OK, but I’ve just outgrown it… - I’ll keep checking into the forum, though.

regards, Nils

Just for the heck of it, I’m curious how the new version 6 works for you. I wonder if it handles things that you could not get done before?

Unfortunately, I haven’t got time for beta-tasting n-Track v.6. I am too busy beta-testing the latest update for Cubase Studio… :D

regards, Nils