Output to multiple "outs" at the same time


I’d like to send the main outputs from N-Trac to both outputs 1/2 and outputs 3/4 on my sound interface(Toneport UX8).

The reason is that the UX8 has two headphone jacks - one wired to output 1/2 and the other to output 3/4.
If I want to hear the mix in both headphones, I need to route the main N-Track mix to both jacks simultaneously.

I notice that I can select which output to send individual tracks (e.g. outs 1/2, outs 3/4, etc…) but I can’t select more than one output and I haven’t figured out a way to send the “main mix” to multiple outputs.

Is this possible within N-Track?

Thanks in advance!


I read some where that if you use the direct sound or the WDM drivers, monitoring will be limited to a single stereo pair, outputs 1 and 2. I assume you are using the ASIO drivers? This routing might be in gearbox’s, Inputs & Recording tab.

From the manual,
"“The UX8's two front panel headphone outputs mirror Outs 1-2 and 3-4 respectively. You can use the monitor controls, for example, to create a “main mix (1-2)” that captures the overall image of the recording project, while a separate “talent mix (3-4)” can be provided for the musician who is currently adding a new part, and may need a click track and an ample level of themselves above the rest of the mix (you know, the guy asking for “more me” in his headphones). Additional output pairs 5-6 and 7-8 are available for headphone mixers or sending to an external tape deck, other monitors, or whatever else you might want to send out a customized mix to.”"

I think the ASIO driver can only send 2 channels back to the UX8 from the PC but it might be possible route it in Gearbox. I have the UX2 so I’m unable to test this for you. I suppose you could route the analog stereo outs on the UX8 back in on input 3&4 and do it that way. Hopefully somebody will have a better answer for you.


Thanks Paco. I am indeed using the ASIO driver. I can definitely monitor the guitar I’m recording through both headphone jacks but unless I can actually send the main N-Track mix simultaneously to outs 1/2 AND outs 3/4 the guy on the other headphone won’t hear anything but himself.

As you say, I can think of an analog way to do this such as outputting n-track on 7/8 and cabling those up to input 5/6 then monitoring that input on 1/2 and 3/4. I guess that would work but it seems a bit klunky.

So the question is: can the main mix in N-Track be routed to multiple outputs simultaneously? This would be the most elegant solution, I think.


In answer to your question specifically, I’m 99% sure this is controlled by the ASIO driver in which it would be a line 6 issue. I’ve been here at this forum a while and there are a few users I know of using Line 6 gear, myself included but perhaps not attempting to use it in the configuration you’re attempting. This could explain the lack of responses however, you could PM/ask Flavio, I’m sure he would be able to give you a more detailed direct answer.


Hi meanjay:

I’m pretty sure you should be able to do that with your setup… I am able to do that here with my Studio DJ P-4 machine/setup…

Open the “Settings” drop-down menu and go to Audio Devices… Then go to Audio output devices to see if the out column lists the devices you choose to use…
Then, if they are on the list, Hold your control key down and select whatever output devices you choose…
That will hi-lite any-or-all the output devices you choose to send your timeline files to…

See if that works…


I have had similar issues, I use a Delta 1010LT.
There was a discussion on n-track, take a look at here

I could never get more than one pair of outputs to work at a time for the Master Ouput.
But I was able to output individual tracks to more than one pair of outputs by doing this:
1) From Settings, Audio Devices, be sure you have 2 Audio Playback Devices selected.
2) Pull up the Track Mixer.
3) For each track, select “Channel Output” and select add “Add new send”.
4) The new send will show as an Aux, click on the Send 1 Output channel and select your first output pair.
5) And again, for each track, select “Channel Output” and select add “Add new send”.
6) The new send will show as an Aux, click on the Send 2 Output channel and select your second output pair.

The BIG problem with this is that if you have a lot of tracks, you have to do it for every track, so instead, you could send every
track to the same group channel, and then just send the group channel to the 2 outputs.

Thanks for the tips guys. My UX8 simply shows up as a single “ASIO Toneport UX8” in the audio preferences. I think I would need to cable things up as described above to light up both headphone jacks with the n-track main mix. Perhaps I’ll do just that…

Have fun recording! I know I am!