Overdub Question

So, what I want to do is play an audio file on track one
on track two, i want to record over track one
yes, just basic overdub
while it all works individually fine, when I arm track two and hit record, track one plays, i can see the volume meter bouncing, but I can’t hear the track so I can’t sing along to it
track two is being recorded, I can see my wave form from singing being created

I have checked with other DAWs on this system and they all do it so it isn’t the computer, the Zoom H6, the headphones or the microphones…

How do I tell N-track to play the track one outloud as I am recording on track two?

thank you

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un arm track 1/ turn on your live monitoring/ check interface settings for loopback/ check output on track 1/ make sure youve got nothing muted