Tracks out of sync

Can somebody tell me why when I record a second guitar track when I listen to the playback it’s like right at about a second delay it’s out of sync

I believe you’re using the Android version of n-Track, if that’s the case, please try to repeat the recording latency calibration:
- open the main menu with the button in the lower right corner of the screen
- scroll down to show the “Recording latency compensation” setting
- tap on the box on the right showing the currently compensation setting
- tap on ‘Go!' to make the app perform the latency compensation procedure
Make sure you turn the volume of the device all the way up and you are in quiet room.

If the automatic latency calibration fails to fix the recording latency issue, you can try performing a manual calibration of the latency in this way:
- create a new project
- record an impulsive sound like a snap of fingers
- turn up the device volume and record a second track
- check the delay between the two tracks
- manually set the latency in the options window in increments of 1000, then after finding an ballpark value, refine in increments of 100
The latency setting accepts both positive and negative values, depending on whether the second track is in advance or late compared to the first.