OY! Doesn't read .SNG files after reinstall


event though it was created on the same program! All I did was reinstall it.

thank you for advice

space metibula

Was it created on the SAME VERSION?

For example, Word3.0 will not read Word5.0 files.

Did you create something in N4.0 and reinstall 3.3 or created in 3.3 and reinstalled 3.1???

linke an idiot, I dont remember what I had installed originally! but I have tried the only 3 versions I had 2.1, 2.3, and 3.0, and each one would not read my .SNG files!!! Even though I CREATED them with One of those Three programs.

Does this make sense? Am I screwed???

Well…maybe you are out of luck, but you should be able to recreate the song with the original wave files. Yeah, that’s a huge pain sometimes, and may be nearly impossible if there was much non-destructive editing (lots of parts).

You may need to find the same build that the sng file was created with, but some of those should versions open older files with no problems. 3.x will open 2.x and 2.x will open 1.x…etc. About the only time you will see the error you are seeing is if you try to open 1.x in 3.x, maybe. I don’t know the specifics of backwards compatibility though.

There’s probably two ways that would prevent you from opening a sng file with the error you are seeing. 1) The sng files has become corrupted somehow; 2) It was created with a new version on n-Tracks than you are remembering - 3.3 and trying to open it in 3.0. I’m not convinced 3.0 is forwards compatible with 3.3 files.

What were the circumstances of the re-installation? There might be some other reason the song isn’t loading and the version warning is a red herring.

i reinstalled originally to figure out an effects bug! (anytime i tried to add an effect, my computer froze) – now all 3 versions of NT I had access to will not read my .SNG files.

A few will be impossible almost to recreate.

AAAAACK - karma - I shouldnt have picked on my kid sister growing up.

Maybe we can find a version of n-Tracks that will work. What versions, including builds, have you tried?

If you want email me a song file and I’ll give it a try. I don’t need the waves or plug-ins (can’t really email them easily anyway), just the sng file (pretty small). I have a lot of the older ntrack_sw.exe builds. Maybe one will work - not hit the “old format” error.

wow that would be great - that is a nice offer to take your time out and look for me.

BUT unfortunately the files are on a computer that can’t go online right now. thanks anyway.

I have tried 2.2.1, 2.3, and 3.0

but what is crazy is that those are the only versions i’ve ever had - HOW can they not read files I created WITH one of those versions.

OY for sure

That’s very strange. Are you sure you didn’t use a later version of the program to edit the .sng files, such as v3.3?
Either that or the files have been somehow corrupted, but it would be strange that the same corruption has happened to more than one file.
You can email me the .sng files and I’ll try to see what’s the problem. Or you can try opening the .sng files with Notepad and post here the first line, which will be something like “n-Track .sng filespec…” so that we can be sure of which version of the program last saved the files.

Flavio Antonioli

OK, I have a couple .SNG files… how do I email it to you guys? (there is no upload option in the provided forums form)

you can contact me at thomasfreezenyc@yahoo.com


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You should edit out your email from the above post. Posting it publicly is a spam magnet. You’ve got a MAIL button also if anyone needs to contact you, assuming you registered with a valid email.

The file you emailed me has been saved with v3.1.5. I was able to open it without problems using version 4.0 and 3.3.

Flavio Antonioli.