P4 normalization problems.

Fix for excessive CPU usage with plu-ins

Don’t worry, I haven’t come here to try to stop you from wasting your money on junk. I’m just gonna post this solution and go back to lurk mode.

Here’s a link that will ease the P4 plug-in problems.

Somebody please post when V4 becomes stable enough for production so I can give Flavio some $$$

Ease your p4 plug-in woes

I will not bother your little world again unless something usefull crosses my path.


This looks interesting; I wonder if anyone’s used it and if it’s helpful for p4 n-trackers.

Any experiences anyone?

Mike F

When you add effects to a channel in v4, are they inserted before or after the builtin EQ and compressor?


In V3, EQ precedes plugins. Probably the same in V4.

Starting with v3.2 or v3.3, there’s a signal path diagram in n-Track Help, References section. Maybe it’s still there in V4, and maybe it still applies.

BTW, the signal path diagram I had on the web disappeared due to a problem back early this year and I forgot to restore it – I’m putting it back up now:


Nice diagram Learjeff. I just checked the v4 manual. Looks like the signal path diagram in the v4 manual hasn’t changed – it’s still the v3.x signal path. Does that mean nothing has changed in v4?


Not necessarily. But I bet he followed the same basic plan.

I’ve seen that plug in before (and probably have it on disk somewhere) but I’m not really sure I understand what it does etc… even after reading what that site said