path settings

Any thoughts as to why I don’t have my vst path listed under Preferences|Paths?

Cubase VST 4.0 is installed on the computer, and both directories are being used by NTrack. I’d really only like to use the Ntrack stuff, but can’t figure out how to tell N-track where to look, since the line isn’t there.

i remember that comic, good stuff.

unfortunately, i’ve not got ntrack on my worky pc, can’t look.

I think Flavio removed manually setting the path because some crappy VSTs were causing a lot of grief. n-Tracks defaults to the folder in the n-Tracks install folder (C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins on my machine). It may look in other places as well but limiting where it finds VSTs, by preventing a secondary scan path, will help make finding bugs easier since it helps rule out scanning VSTs that you might not realize are being scanned. Look in vstdat.log and n-TrackConfiguration2.xml.

Can have multiple paths too…

sweet. worked like a champ. Might be nice to update the help file.

Thanks Mark!


pjk – ack!

COOL! I had no idea he moved it, and it makes more sense having it where it is. So much for my theory. :)

It changed in build 1787 at the beginning of March, which is quite recent really. I only knew about it because I’d spotted the multiple paths option and thought it was useful.