PC Drag & Lag

Maybe someone can give me some advice here.

I’m having problems with n-tracks where it takes my system to a total drag if I have more than 2 vst running (it not only pops and clicks, it hops and kicks). I’m a vst person all the way, as I don’t do live instruments (because I don’t own any and the nature of electronic music) .

My PC Configuration is as follows:

AMD Atholon Processor 1.10 GHz
1 Gig of RAM
SB Live sound card

Now I realize that my system may be a bit antiquated, so I’m questing for the optimum PC configuration for creating electronic music (vst heavy) with n-tracks, and Money is an issue (‘come on; money is an issue to Bill Gates so who am I to differ). I am already aware that I can freeze tracks and all to free up resources, but the time it takes some tracks to freeze, put me on ice as well; leaving me cold and my groove is a memory lost.

Please help,