PCI Sound card

A basic 44khz card

I need a simple sound card, basic in/out that is based on 44khz mode, not 48 like most. This is because I don’t want any converting on the hardware side since it slows things down. I can run the maestro1 at 44khz but it does that whole conversion thing and the sound is not as good as it’s default 48khz mode. 48khz is a little too much and I’d prefer 44, so what would be a good cheap sound card to get that is based exactly on 44khz sampling rate at its core? It has to be a PCI card with little latency and of somewhat good quality. I’d use the soundblaster 16 but it’s a ISA card and my mobo doesn’t like ISA cards at all. The PCI maestro 1 would be just perfect if it was based at 44 and not 48 :( So what other simple cards can I get that are decent? Also I have many files at other bitrates so it should at least allow other modes, like 22, 16, 11, etc…
Just some ideas, brands, thanks.

Hi, the soundblaster pci 128 (ct4810) works well and doesn’t have the internal 48 k problem. I’ve used one for a few years and if you outgrow it for audio use you can still keep it alongside another more pro soundcard just for midi duties.

See Ebay;