PCM Wave Files

Will Mixing Down Ever Include This Type?

If any of you out there, like me, own a JamMan box, you’ve discovered that transferring files TO the thing requires they be mono .PCMwav files. This presents a problem when using n-track since I have never been able to create a .PCMwav file using n-track, which means I have to use another multitrack recording software to create the file with. This is counter productive to me since I should be able to use n-track to do this. I’ve used Nero Wave Editor which shows it has saved the track as a PCMwav file, but it doesn’t work in the JamMan box. There is another program that will do it, but I don’t like the idea of using that program. I shall request this on the bug page, though not really a bug.

I wasn’t able to find any reference on the “.PCMwav” file format. “.pcm” files are usually .wav files without the header that describes the file format (channels, sampling frequency etc.). I would be reluctant to add the pcm file format as it is quite an old format and most modern devices support .wav files, and it would be somewhat confusing for novice users as the audio encoded in .wav files is in the “PCM” (i.e. Pulse Code Modulation) format. Have you tried simply renaming a 16 bit mono .wav file to .PCMwav? That should work.


Google… it works:


If you’ve never done this, then you wouldn’t know that in my case, and as it states in the manual, the .wav file has to be a PCM .wav file. Why that is important is beyond me. All I know is when I transfer a 44.1khz mono .wav file that does not show that it is PCM in the properties, it doesn’t work. I haven’t used my JamMan for anything since I came across this issue several years ago, so I have an expensive door stop right now.

When everything is right, it is a thing of beauty; you can jam to one song all night long. You can cut the song up into sections, load them into the appropriate number of files, and if you create a footswitch like I did to go back and forth between loops, you can jam it however you want.

My apologies for posting something in the “bug” form that was not a bug, but it appears to me the form can also be used for suggesting other improvements besides fixing bugs. I assumed that’s what the “Enhancement” category was about.

Oh, and Flavio, I did try renaming the extension .PCMwav, but that didn’t work either. It seems the PCM designation comes up in parenthesis when you look at the file properties.