Pearl Jam's ne CD -any good?

Always liked this band…they have been off the radar for a few years. Was watching music videos and see they have a new CD out. Anyone have it? I didn’t know Eddie Vedder played a telecaster. Cool.

Haven’t heard the new cd, and I’m not really a fan - although I did buy the geratest hits cd that came out a little while ago as I really enjoy some of the singles they released.

PJ were billed in a Guitar World (91, I think) just before Nirvana broke (in a grunge band roundup) as a 3 guitar lineup. You can see Vedder playing a Tele in a live clip from saturday night live in “Rear View Mirror”

Thanks for the info Willy muchly appreciated. I had no idea he was a tele player, something I don’t associate with the grunge sound.

actually, he plays the Schecter Tele copies, I believe… i think he thought he was a member of The Who.

I thought that I liked the band too until I bought my son their “greatest hits” CD last XMas. Neither he nor I thought there were only a few songs that were any good. I should point out the my son loves Nirvana (he loved them the first time he heard Kurt sing), Green Day, etc.

No. It is pretty wandery and contrived.

Always seemed to me that their songwriting got rather lazy after, say, “Vitalogy.” All the reviews I have come across, however, hail this new album as a return to their roots.

Let’s hope so.

PS, buy The Replacements:Don’t you know you I think I was! Great review of a great band!!!