Peculiar crash...?

Hey all. I’ve been experiencing a bit of a bummer crash as of recent. I’m using v2.2, and it’s worked great for ages (which is why I stick with it). Recently, however, I’ve tried using the QuadraFuzz plugin, and although it works fine and I can use the plugin and the software like normal, when I close the QuadraFuzz plugin window, it crashes n-Track! Anybody have any ideas?

err, umm; quit using Quadrafuzz?

Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself… :laugh: But it does sound as though the plugin is not playing friendly with n; you might want to look at the vst log file, and see if it is recording anything wierd when initially loading. Sadly, not every plugin plays well with every DAW, and you may just have to find another which does the same thing - the woods do seem to be full of nifty plugins these days, so you should not have much trouble finding another good sounding one that will work in n…

Good luck!
'til next time;
Tony W

Do any of the newer versions have better plugin support? Though I’d hate to part with software I’ve learned to use so well.

Pull down a demo version and see how it behaves.

Good thinking, Bubbagump, I’ll do just that.

EDIT: Still not working; methinks it’s the plugin. To #### with this, I’m going to stick with 2.2 and just try finding an equivalent plugin. Anybody know of any good multi-band distortion plugins?

Most of the time “better plug-in support” means there’s more hacks in the code to account for specific popular badly programmed plug-ins. Plugin coding quality is all over the place and that’s not accounting for audio quality. About all you can do is try them and see if they sound good and don’t cause problems. A good plug-in does both well. Flavio regularly fixes n-Tracks to work better with specific plug-ins so it may be that the newer versions of n-Tracks will work better with that one, but maybe not…time for someone to go search out the QuadraFuzz and git it a whirl in V3 and V4. :)

Sorry, I don’t have a suggestion for a replacement.