Phantom Power

My new condenser mic needs a phantom power supply. Just wondering if there’s anyway of turning that on in n track.


Unfortunately you need hardware that can supply phantom power. There are various options… mixers often supply phantom power, or you can buy a dedicated phantom power unit, or you can get an recording pre-amp that supplies phantom power.

A small mixer or preamp is probably your best bet depending on budget. The Studio Projects VTB-1 preamp is a good start or if you are really strapped for cash something like the Behringer MIC100 will do (but IMO it doesn’t rate as a good pre). I’m sure others have suggestions too.


Yeah thought that might be the case.

Been looking at preamps, I’d get loads of use out of one, so i don’t want the worst there is, but i’m not on a very high budget. That Studio Projects VTB-1 I’ve found for around 80-90 quid, which is probably the range I’m looking at.

I’m not really up on all the jargon though, so talk of tube mics and suchlike confuses me. Dunno if anyone can help out.

The mic I have is the Samson C01. Any recommendations would be ace.

80-90 quid - have a look at the site below - one of the better and most reliable audio/studio equipment suppliers here in the UK -
checkout ‘Dolphin music’ as well, never bought from them so cant recommend
Dr J