Piano roll note names


In piano roll note names dialog box I can select ‘General MIDI Drums’ but no drum note names appears. Not sure if this is a bug or something to do with my installation.

windows 64-bit, build 3464


do you get the vertical piano instead of the General MIDI drums names, or another set of names? What output is the track going to (i.e. what instrument or physical MIDI output)?
The only way I could make n-Track not honor the settings that appear right clicking on the vertical left bar in the pianoroll window is if you’re using an instrument plugin, and that plugin is telling n-Track what are the actual note names (it knows better since it’s generating the sounds from the notes).



When selecting ‘General MIDI Drums’ I get a blank list in piano roll instead of the vertical piano. This seems to happen for any vsti, and also if doing this in a new song without any tracks but just selecting piano roll from the menu bar.

On my other computer (running same version of n-track) everything seems to be acting normal and drum names are displayed on piano roll left bar. Also, below the ‘General MIDI Drums’ option in the note names dialog box there is a long list of other drum note sets that are not present on my first computer.

I then tried to uninstall and reinstall n-track on my first computer, but situation is still the same. Btw, I noticed that after the reinstall n-track loaded the same song as i had open before the uninstall, so it looks like some settings are kept.

Hi again,

Problem seems to be solved now. By double-cliking on vertical piano in piano roll it is possible to import instrument definitions from a text file. I selected the “banks_default.txt” file and everything seems to be back to normal now .