Picture from my Denver trip.

I just remembered I took this on my phone for all you “flat-landers.”

Wazz all that white stuff?

sigh I really want to go out that way someday… See some REAL mountains and stuff…


That’s cocaine bruh. :p :laugh:

They call it nose candy…
over heh…

That’s a great photo…

I just got home…
It’s freezing rain here…
The forecast was Snow > Freezing Rain > Rain…
It went right to Ice…
The salt trucks are out… They are loaded with salt… BUT…
they are not spreading it…
Anyway, I’m backed in the yard…
The concentration level is lowering…
I’m in for the night…



I'm in for the night..

Geeze Bill - I'm in for the next 2 and a half months.

So werewolves DO hibernate eh?

Naw… that ain’t coke. If it was, there wouldn’t be a speck to be seen .003 seconds after it fell…


If I hear one more werewolf comment - I’m gonna post my ‘biggest beard’ pic !

I’m just warnin’ ya!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 07 2009, 3:36 PM)

If I hear one more werewolf comment - I'm gonna post my 'biggest beard' pic !

I'm just warnin' ya!


Had a Reverend Gibbons beard once upon a time or sumthin'?
You know... I always figured that was how Billy and Dusty smuggled their "stash" through airport security when touring... "Stash" it in dem big ol', wooly lookin' beards. Or maybe they hide snacks in there for later. You could put a half-dozen duffnuts in there...


EDIT: Hmmm... all this talk of snacks... that's it. I'm outta here! Gonna hit the quickie mart on the way home...

Love the pic Mr. Where Wolf! :laugh: Ahhwoooooooooooooo Werewolves of Colorado
If that’s nose candy then there ain’t no poor folk in Colorado!

Billy Gibbons Look A Like Day! heheheheh

It would make a great postage stamp.
You should check and see if the PO wants to use it.
Come to think of it - I think you can use your own pics
to make postage stamps now. Can’t you?

Beats me Billy - I’m lookin’ fer an old pic to scare off Zay!

.rellef zdrakcassab dlo tahT

Ouch - that hurt.

Yes, you can. Sure to drive philatelists nuts.


Lots of countries now do it.


I was in Tulluride for the Bluegrass festival, in June of '95. Nice warm days, they told us it was gonna get cold, we said, “HA, yeah sure…” It snowed 3 inches that night. That was almost the last time I saw snow … or mountains. We didn’t believe in snow in June being from Texas. great picture!

Hmmm…I’m in Qatar this week, could do with some of that snow Poppa! Never mind I’ll be back home to Dubai tomorrow…er! to more sand ???

I’d send ya some but we all know how that would go. I be wishin’ for summer - anything above freezing.

Wife and I drove by the temperature sign the local bank has and I’d been complaining about the cold all week. She said, "Tom it’s 15 degrees it not that cold."

I went into a rant that ended with a math lesson and 32 degrees being when water freezes.
What I should have said is a mild-manor, "Yes I know dear, that’s only 17 degrees below freaking FREEZING."
As we all can see that wouldn’t have worked either. I just can’t handle it anymore. At least we haven’t had any 40 below zero stuff yet.

HA! Tell Mrs. Willis your Alabammy bud is an even bigger wimp. I consider anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit COLD! :laugh:

At least I’m not as bad as my dad. He turns the heat on if the temperature drops below 70!


My trip don’t look quite the same :)

wow - thems moving mountains. More pics!

Not much to see Poppa :whistle: