Pitch Changing

Something very strange has started to happen, maybe someone can tell me what I’ve done wrong!

I’m using a Pod-XT Live to feed into n-Track Studio.

1. I import my Backing Track into n-Track
2. I start recording and everything works fine.
3. I exit n-Track Studio and do other things or switch everything off
4. I load n-Track Studio again and suddenly I find that the pitch of my backing track that I imported has changed. It isn’t a simple Tone of Semi-tone, it’s now about a tone and a bit lower and it’s sort of in the cracks.

If I play the original MP3 or the imported one with VLC, the pitch is the same as the original, so something is happening to it when I restart n-Track.

It’s prbably a setting somewhere that I’ve got wrong, because a year ago it was fine, but I haven’t done any recording for over a year, but I’ve applied all the updates, so I’m on the latest version.

Maybe something changed with the updates and I need to alter something. Can anyone PLEASE help.

The only ‘fix’ I’ve found in to re-import the Backing Track and start over from scratch after exiting n-Track. VERY irritating.

Hmmm …very perplexing…

My first (and only) thought is a difference in sample rate between what you’ve imported vs what you are recording. Ensure that the sample rate of the imported file is the same as the sample rate you choose to record at (be it 44,100 Hz or whatever).

Beyond that possibility, I’m stumped.

Yup. There are other ways - but if you import the backing track into a fresh project and mix it down at the usual 44.1 and then use that copy in the your track.

I’m with Bill and T on this one best guess sample rate difference.

Other than that having the “speed” at the top set to anything but 1.0 > might do it too.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Hmm, you are probably right, just checked and all my old stuff was 44 and the new stuff is 48. So I have to decide whether to use 44 or 48 in future…

There was a pretty good thread on that topic here a while back…I was unable to find it.

I think the general gist of it was there is nothing to be gained sonically between these two frequencies, but a huge difference in head room between 16bit and 24bit.

I would say to save yourself the aggravation of constantly having to convert your older files to 48 you just stick with 44.1 and keep everything congruent.

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jerm :cool:

Since ultimately you will want to render to 44,100 Hz and there is little or nothing to be gained from working at 48,000 Hz - just stick with 44,100.

Hi all. New to forum. So I am importing tracks recorded on AUM and I am sampling on both sides at 44100 but am also getting a pitch change. This is very frustrating. The only fix I have found is to keep reinstalling n-Track. Then I lose everything only to have it happen again a few days later.

Hello Joe,
which version of the n-Track app are you using? There are a few fixes in the latest version related to your issue that might solve it.
How are you importing the audio file recorded using AUM? I just tried recording one and copying it into n-Track using the AUM sharing function and it’s working correctly, so my guess is that I misunderstood your problem and/or you are doing something different.
If you could give me some more details about your workflow so I could try to reproduce your issue, it would be very appreciated.