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lack of!!

hello again, i’d like to thank the ppl helping me w/ my last post. so, here i go again w/ another one! my play back volume isn’t as loud as my post recorded track. i recorded my drums 1st & when i tried to record my guitar the volume of that out weighed the play back of my drum track, so i couldn’t hear my drums very good at all & the playback levels on the drum track was still the same as the input when i recorded them. btw, i’m running xp, & i’ve looked at every volume control in there, i think LOL! my EQ is set to -0, is that right for this stuff? and i’ve got the snap, crackle, pop factor too. upgrade? i’m running 2.60 celeron, 256mb, 40G hard drive, and could sumbody tell me bout that 24 bit stuff please, i’ve been using a korg D1200 & have only really just played w/ the 16 bit side of things & i’ve been running that into my computer as my (interface?) is there really a difference in the 24 bit recording? duz 24 bit run good on n-tracks? well, i think that’s enuff for now, i hope this dont wear everybody out. LOL! :D

1. Are you getting the hottest signal when recording drums?

2. Each subsequent recording I get is a bit louder on playback also. It isn’t something that I worry about, I adjust it to fit the pre-recorded stuff as a ROUGH mix.

3. 24 bit is better by far, however, if you are new to recording, and are just learning the ropes with N or any other software, wait awhile and learn the basics. Learning to create decent mixes and mastering take time. The end result in bringing 24 down to 16 again can be missed by many people…it is sublte, but discernible.

hi syn, i’m fairly new to this stuff, (on the computer anyway) like i said, i’ve been using the korg D1200 since 2002 & never was satisfied w/ what i got out of it, so i’m trying something new. i always thought it was what i was using, but i guess it’s me that cant get it right. i’m looking to get sum info from instructional DVD’s & hope those & this forum helps me out a bit. and i’m very thankful to anyone that can help me out along the way. if you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve pass 'em on to me, i really need it! i’ve been messing around w/ this stuff too long & getting nothing out of it & i take it very seriously & i will not quit till i get it right! it’s a must!! thank you very much for replying, btw, you ever have the trouble w/ yer mixes suckin real bad in yer car stereo, but they sound pretty good on everything else? that’s another problem i’m havin too!!..later, thanks again!! :)

You could try unticking (or ticking) the “Automatically decrease volume as tracks are added” box.

Otherwise, the volume thing could be a driver/sound card setting/levels thing. My soundcard will decrease the overall volume while recording and monitoring the inputs - it’s a driver thing that I haven’t quite got my head around yet but it’s intentional.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your current volume issue. When you are at the mastering stage you will have your tracks increase in volume by using the “Normalize” process. Don’t do this until you have completed all your tweaking of your tracks.

And , forget the instructional video, a great quickie resource is:
and of course, this great forum.

Start recording and stop in here for any questions. Most replies are within a day.