Playback issues - any thoughts?

Sometimes I need a boot to fix it…

For some reason I can open a song file and it hesitates, pops, and sounds scratchy when I play it back. After I close down (or re-boot), and re-open it, it will work fine. Has anyone else had this problem? I am running 4.3 with an m-audio delta 410 and Windows XP. Just curious. Thanks!


sounds like a playback buffer issue to me?

mate ‘’’’ if yer gettin gobs o probs in big N
ive found its yer pc ow its configd/i seen blokes try n run big N with loadsa winked out stuff on their data masher computers
so they get loads bad stuff appnin ive seen blokes try n run big N on 128 memry n junk ‘‘slow ard drives ‘’’’ then ya got the bloke spends a thou’ or mor on the pc stuff n uses a winked out grotty sound chip on the mutherbord
yer gotta treat yer pc like a clean room n not let lots net stuff get on it’’’’ me recordin machines aint gonna get a whiff o tha net

Could be Limey, I have a 1Ghz PIII with 512 ram, and I have no prob recordin’ or during playback. It was just after re-openin the file that I noticed any problems. I have no doubt that it is probably somthing in my configuration, but I am not sure what to look at. I am also going to play with the buffer settings when I get a chance as mentioned by 69, so I will see what luck I have this weekend.

Thanks guys