Playback of tracks whilst recording USB

I’m using the free version of n-Track Studio on Android v12 - Galaxy S10e phone. Sending and recording 3 tracks via a ZEDi-10 mixer USB audio interface. Working great. When I try to record a 4th track I can only hear 1 of the previously recorded tracks. I’ve tried changing the ‘Send’ channel but can’t get any other tracks to play or select which of the three I’d like to hear.

I’ve selected 4 active inputs and 4 active outputs in the settings

Input recorded on Channel 1/2 left, Channel 1/2 right, Channel 3/4 left. Attempting to record on Channel 3/4 right.

Changing the send channel doesn’t change what I hear.

When I play back, not record, I can hear all tracks fine.

Any advice much appreciated.


I’m not sure if I understand what you’re trying to do. Are the three existing tracks being sent to different outputs or the same? In the latter case, can you hear the tracks if you instead route them all to the first output? Do the level meter show the playback signal in the tracks when you cannot hear them?
n-Track doesn’t mute tracks if you’re recording other tracks, although (depending on the setting in the rec-arm menu) it mutes tracks you’re overdubbing.


Thanks for replying.

I have recorded guitar into track 1, sampled beats into track 2 and vocals into track 3 simultaneously. I am trying to record synth into track 4 and would like to hear tracks 1-3 as I’m doing so but can only hear the beats from track 2.

The level meter is only showing on the track I can hear (track 2).

Make sure that tracks 1 to 3 are not rec-armed. Also you didn’t say wether the tracks go to separate outputs or if they all go to the same output. Maybe you could post a video showing what’s happening.