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Removing tracks & re-recording

I’ve performed a duet & have been asked to remove 3 stanzas and redo. Advised to delete track, use headphones, and isolate only my vocals on the re-record. When I remove tracks, it removes everything. I have been trying most of the weekend and can’t mute either. Yes, I’m new to this and my partner has been very patient but there has to be other steps I’m missing. Can anyone pls. help me … please. I’m singing with him and he doesn’t care to re-sync. But I haven’t a clue how to remove just a portion and re-record ( vocals only ) on the same recording with him. Any step-by-step would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never before used a recording studio and purchased last week so I’m using the latest version.

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You’ll find lots of help here. There are lots of people with years of experience with n-Track and willing to help all newcomers.

There are several ways to re-do part of a vocal track. Probably the simplest is to mute your original track and just sing it again onto a new track while listening to the backing tracks. Then you can just copy the section fo the new track that you want to replace the in the old track. Select the same area in the old track and paste in your selection with control-v. Then you can delete the new track. But don’t delete the wave file if it asks you. Just the track on the timeline.

You can record only the part you want to replace on the new track, or you can sing the whole song over. Either way, you’ll only be replacing the part of the old track that needs replacing. If there are several parts in non-continous areas that need to be replaced, you can just cut and paste the various sections into the old track.

When doing all of this, be it’s best if “snap to grid” is enabled. This will keep everything in sync. I’m not at my studio computer right now, but I believe the place to do that is under "edit - grid properties."

Hope this gets you started in the right direction.


to remove a clip from a track only and leave the rest intact - select the clip (click on it) then right ckick and use remove part (3 down from remove track)

slightly more difficult is to remove a section from a track and leave the rest on the screen - first zoom in on the part of the track you want to take out - click on track to select it - click and drag mouse slightly at the point you want to cut out - a thin grey line should show - now go to EDIT/non destructive /splice at start of selection (the thin grey line you have just made) the track will split at that point - now do the same for the end of the section you want to remove - now select the section that you want removed and do as above (remove part) - use little cross at left of track to move the parts around -

Dr J

You can also use sound envelopes and remove the volume on the parts you don’t want. Record them over on new tracks. I use an older version, so maybe the cut and paste method is easier now …

good luck and welcome…