Please critic this instrumental song

instrumental song

Hi. This is the first instrumental song I have written. I am primarily a vocalists so this is kinda different for me.

Instruments: PC Drummer, Roland SPD-6 for percussion (congas, claves, bells), trumpet, tenor sax, alto sax, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar.

Recorded through a Fender Passport 250 or Yamaha EMX88S power mixer for an input into my soundcard (SoundBlaster Live 5.1).

Software: N-tracks 2.3.

The is my composition and I played all of the instruments, except hiring professionals to play the instruments :)

I would appreciate any feedback on how to make this better, especially with the mixing aspect. I have mild compression on the entire song. Individual tracks were EQ’d but the overall song was not. I used reverb and delay on most of the horn and lead guitar tracks.

Thanks for your help!



I like the melody (it seems like a theme and variations thing to me) and the way you play around with it. I like the drum breakdown. It kind of gives the listener a breath before hitting the next part. I would say that you could vary the melody a little more and even have a nice solo section with the trumpet, as you seem to be accomplished on it :) You got a nice tone from it as well.

As far as the dislikes go, the trumpet seemed to be a little to far up front and overpowered the other instruments. The delay was somewhat distracting, also. I think you could have put some nice, velvety reverb under the trumpet with a touch of delay and it would have sounded amazing! The guitar sounded like it could have used some more compression, just to even out the playing a little.

Overall, I like the tune . . . well done!

If you’d like me to put acoustic drums and percussion to it sometime, just let me know.

Keep it up,

Thanks for the comments! I thought that the delay might me a bit much. I can reduce that to just a “touch” and move the trumpet back somewhat in the mix.

As for the lead guitar, I don’t have any compression on it so far, but that would be easy to add. The electronic guitar was recorded using a clean Les Paul through a Fender Pro Junior amp with a Shure beta 57A mic.

I appreciate your offer for some acoustic drums. That would sound great! How should I work with you to get that done?


I’ve done some collaboration work with TomS before and the way we approached it was to send the pure .wav files via mail on a disc. We could even use a CD-RW if you wanted, so we don’t “waste” $.18 :) .

I would need until November 11th (Veteran’s Day) to record anything, because that’s when I’ll have some time off of school, but you could send me the .wav files and I could start getting famliar with the tune if you wanted.

I modified the song as suggested by Drummer. I reduce the volume of the trumpet and removed most of the delay effect. I think it sounds much better now. All of the instruments seem to come through very clearly.

The new song is at

I am using my wife’s web space to give me more space!!


Sax, listening to the 2’nd mix. I think the mix is good. I’m at work on computer speakers so I think the bass could come up a notch.(remember to try and listen on all types of speakers). I’m sure it’s fine on good speakers though.
Good tune and arrangement !!!