Please help me its important

Aux Channels

I recently downloaded the trial version of this program and so far i really like it but there seems to be one problem for me… THE AUX CHANNELS!! i cant hear any sound or anything when i send my track to the AUX channel. The volume keeps moving but i cant hear any sound and i am really frustrated… Please someone help me… =[

it might be that the aux fader on the master channel is off. try setting it to 0. not sure why its that way, but you have to have that fader up in order to hear the aux channels.

You have no idea how much i am thankful of you lol… THAT WAS THE PROBLEM HAHA!! it was in front of me the whole timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you bro =]

glad it worked :agree:

I move this thread to the tips section because it’s a good tip.


Got a catchy title too :)