PLEASE, NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!&#3

i’m min. away from trowing my pc out th


i have a huge problem, recently i bought a behringer soundcard, so i upgrated from an old version of n-track to the 6.0.2 version. my problem:
when i record to a new track, it’s not intact with other tracks.
lets say the first track is a beat, i start to record bass on second track, and when i listen to it the bass is like half a second late then what i played.
its driving me nuts!!!
is it because of the soundcard? please i really need help

and please don’t tell me to read the faq cause i read it all a 100 times and there’s nothing…
please, please help me

Do a search here in the forum on “sync” - common prob - easy fix.


i was working on it for 10 hours now, and just by chance i found out what’s the problem. it’s so silly i’m even afraid to tell. :)
i just had to unplug the usb cable, restart the computer and plug the usb again.
and now it works.
i’m so happy it’s unbelieveble!!!
now i’m going to record all night!!!

Glad you got it fixed it must have fixed the “clock” on restart.

For future reference:
Make sure you have your soundcard clock (timer) set in the preferences (not the system timer).

Unclick both the system timer boxes under prefs/settings/options.

Also, try alternative drivers under prefs/settings/recording settings/audio devices button. Try both wdm and asio, or mme as a last resort. If that doesn’t work, update your soundcard drivers and try it all again.

Also, check your own soundcard’s control panel to see what your sample rate is set at (ie should be the same as in your n track settings).