Please Try My New Song

any feedback will be greatly appreciated

Hey, over the past few days of the xmas holiday, me and my cousin made a song. the drums are a little scrappy and will look to improve them at some stage.

Change my destiny


I can’t really comment on the technical part because that s kind of a personal preference thing. Nice song, though, with good hooks.



Cool tune. Even though a bit long, the variety from section to section is excellant. Bass and drums need some compression and EQ punch. Vocals seemed to ‘warm up’ as they went. i.e. kinda weak in the beginning , but real good at end. Electric guitars; yes, I liked 'em! The 5 note e-guitar motif could vary a bit more, you know, alter like one note the second time the motif is played or something. Several small changes to this song will make one really catchy tune!

BTW: If you need any free keyboards on any of you other tunes let me know @

Good Luck,

I’m shure I commented on one of your songs in the past…

Oh yeah, you never did return to see my (and a few others) post.

I’m jaded, and heartbroken and won’t be fooled again.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

hey jeremy, im sure ive only ever posted one other song on this site and i just loooked at it and u hadnt sent a message there, unless u used a different name. thanks for the other feedback guys, always helpful to find out what fellow muscians think and how they wud change it!

Oh yes, indeed.

I remember it quiet well. It was a summer day like any other.
I was lurking in my usual reveiwers chair, to come across a unsual name…“Yubious”. Curiosity got the best of me and I click.
If memory serves me correct it was hosted at, a large picture of two brothers on the front page… I beleive it was a beach setting. The music was acuostic in genre, and not annoying in pitch or structure, which for me means… it was listenable.
Like I said, I and a few others posted comments on various things, like the mix, vocal effects, ect. (If you do not beleive me I may stillhave the URL lurking somewhere on my hardrive along with the song(s) I downloaded. But I assure you nevertheless, my memory is far more reliable than any hardrive.
Anyway like a said the post(s) sat there for several months until the famous Ntrack website “Crash of 2004”. So maybe you did return to see them, only to find your post nolonger there. Or perhaps you simply forgot, and when you came back in Oct.2004 you simply registered again and it felt like the first time. :laugh:

But you did respond to these post… and promplty, so perhaps if I should feel so genorous I might grace your new site with a visit, and clicky once more. :p
All is forgiven.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

hey jeremy, im impressed u remember, cos i rele dnt! but intrigued what song it was i posted. but anyway thanks for giving us another try tho. :D


Liked it a Lot!!!

Going to have to setup a site for myself to have songs to be listened to, so I can get some feedback as well.

Good job Guys.