Pls help me get started!

Hi -

I am just getting set up with N-Track. I need to record guitar tracks (1/4") and vocal tracks (XLR).

How do I physically connect these input devices to the PC?

I have a 12 channel mixer if that helps.

Also, I have a standard sound card card that came with my Dell. Do I need to get a speical sound card?



If you have a line-in on your souncard, it will allow you to record two seperate (or one stereo) track at a time.

What you need is a cable to connect the outputs of your mixer to the input of the souncard.

Assuming that you have RCA output jack on your mixer, and a 1/8" stereo input jack on your card, you will need something like this:…A0AF323

Good luck!

Spend $15 and get a recording primer…

Home Recording for Dummies - A really good starter book to start your studio…

Then there is always

You are on your way to recording nirvana.

And don’t forget the N track Forum…

the best of luck to you.

Hi and welcome

All a bit mind-blowing at first, but you soon part with a load of cash and get the experience you need :D

As someone has already suggested, you need to connect your mixer to the line in of your sound card. If this is a basic soundcard, then I guess you will have a 4mm jack on the soundcard. If you have a tape deck monitor or in/out on the mixer then you need a lead that goes between these sockets. I would buy two with this set-up as you can then monitor what is coming back on the tape (PC and N Track) and you can send this to the mix. It makes the set-up quite versatile

If you don’t have the tape facility, then you will have to use the main output of the mixer and get a cable that goes between this socket/plug arrangement to the input of your soundcard. Monitoring in this case may be directly from the soundcard’s output.

The other issue that you might get hung up on is raising the guitar output to “line” level. Often a guitar effects pedal or processor will be sufficient, but you can also buy passive in-line amps to do this and they are quite cheap

Anyway, good luck