Plugging line level into HI-z ?

hello wise ones,
quick question

is it ok to plug a line level output into a hi-z input?

The reason i ask is that i have a pre-amp on order with has an effects insert,
the SEND from the insert has an impedance of 50 ohms,
the INPUT on the effects pedal is 1M ohm.

I know for speakers you should try to match amplifier z to speaker z

so how would it perform, and if anyone can shed some technical light on this that’d be great.


In general the receiving impedance should be many times (maybe 100x?) the sending impedance E.g 50ohm send and 10,000 ohm (10K ohm) receive.

(Except when I was trained at the BBC in the 1970’s when we sent and received at 600 ohm but that’s another story)

The reason guitar amp inputs are high impedance 1M ohm is because the sending impedance from a passive guitars pickups and pots is high maybe 10k or more.

You should be ok sending your line level output to the effects pedal, the signal might be a bit “hot” so you might need to turn it down on the preamp output.

With a power amp and speakers the impedances aren’t matched the power amps output impedance is very low maybe .1 ohm and the speaker is typically 8 ohm. The ratio of the two is sometimes quoted as the damping factor in this case 80.


Thanks again nick,
Good to know, the last thing i wanted to do was geta very weak or distorted or degraded signal,

Hi nic:

I really like you replies to the Technical Questions…

The Brits are the best Service Writers, in the universe…
They leave nothing in their explanations to the imagination…


Thanks for your reply Bill,

But for those of you with long memories I’m nowhere near Macs level of technical knowledge.


Hi nic:

I hear you…
However, we all approach our understanding and communication of technicality in slightly different directions…
It rounds out the experience…

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