How to use plugins

So look, I’m a real dummy. Can you tell me how to use Sample Tank 2 LE as a plug in. It’s a sound module. I’m trying to edit a wav file. I’m trying to change the instruments. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? :D

If you are trying to replace the instruments in a recorded wave file with sounds from a SampleTank VSTi plugin, you are out of luck. This cannot be done. Re-record your piece with the SampleTank instruments that you want to use (n-Track’s midi feature is great for this - check the manual), or stick with the instrumentation of the original recording.

regards, Nils

P.S. What you are trying to do (as far as I understand it) can be done with drums (this is called drum replacement) but I have yet to discover a way to do it with polyphonic instruments…