Pop & trance music


Im ready again! Give it!!

Nope. Ain't gonna do it. "It" is a secret! :p

No, seriously... you have already hit the problem. No SINGLE package is going to leap right into your way of working and immediately be all "WOW!"

Pick one and learn your way around it. It's just like doing brain surgery, your first one... meh, so the patient is now blind in one eye, can't hear and now suffers incontinence. Big deal. Learn from it and try again! :p


PS NEVER be the FIRST patient for a new brain surgeon!

PPS I'll probably take a cyber beating for this... but honesty IS the best policy IMO. I don't use n-Track anymore. I found something that suits ME better. When I did use n-Track, it was the same as now, it's NOT the only tool in the box. I have and use;

PowerTracks Pro Audio
Fruity Loops Studio
Adobe Audition
Piles of cheap/free virtual instruments.
(Maybe n-Track in the future... who knows?)

There is NO "Swiss Army Knife" music software out there.