Pop & trance music

Looking for help

Ok, I am trying this program for the first time, after failing with the last 6…
I do NOT have any actual instruments, so how do I create the music with this program?
Beat & voice is easy, but i need music!! Any helpers?

Thank you!
Miss Lara

I really don’t know how to use this program at ALL except for voice, lol, its so complicated :p

The program is to record your performances right?
You need to be able to play and instrument or program music tracks to use it to it’s fullest.

Unless you want to do karaoke or something.

Other than that I don’t know what to tell you.

Well, no, not quite, I need to MAKE the music, by adding piano, guitar, drums etc, all from the program, without needing any instruments myself. (which is how much music is made today) :p
I used to use Cakewalk, but my disc broke, and I will try to download the newest version there if this doesnt work. But yes, I need to find out how to add all the music, there is from the demo a list showing about 100 instruments you can add, and several hundred drums/beats, I just cannot find them :confused:

MIDI and vst instruments, or are you looking for loops, such as in Acid?

hmm? no idea! i want to make it myself, but only by using the program. So i need a way to add the tones, pick the instruments, add effects, add vocoder, loop it, etc etc.

Go browse KVR Audio. That website has tons of VST instruments and effects. Many free ones. You have to download and install them. Then you need a method of entering the MIDI notes to “drive” the “virtual instruments”. You can do that by clicking notes into the Piano Roll editor in n-Track OR you can connect a MIDI input device such as a keyboard or guitar to MIDI converter connected to your sound cards MIDI inputs.

Good luck and welcome!


sigh i must be slow, cus that sounded all greek to me :p
I’d prefer something like CLICK HERE TO ADD MUSIC and CLICK HERE TO ADD VOICE, lol
I already tried clicking piano roll button but then another thingy comes up with lots of new buttons, and no actual option to play the piano. Im so in over my head on this progam…

It’s a bit more complex than that. It sounds like you want a PC equivalent of Apples Garage Band software. Steinberg has a Product called Sequel that is very close to Garbage Band.
Also, there is MAGIX MusicMaker. These programs use mostly loops and clips. You browse your loops and drag them onto the timeline to build your “song”. The drawback is you are somewhat limited to what the loops you buy with the software. Then you start shelling out moolah for sample/loop pack add-ons.

If you want to make “music” with the least amount of fuss, download one of those and play around with them. They both have demos available.


all right, doesnt hurt to try :)
currently downloading

since my music is pop & trance, im not in need of live instruments, but i need to be able to make my own loops, not using pre-excisting ones, so I need a piano in which I can add different sounds to, so I can play the notes & music myself.

Lets see which one suits me the best :)

I do have a keyboard, just dont have it hooked up atm, but no other instruments, so whichever program i will go with, needs to be able to implement the keyboard, OR have a virtual one built in.

You need SongSmith. :laugh:


Top 40 Hit! Instant fame and fortune… Somehow, I doubt it though…


I think you might like Band-in-aBox from PGMusic - www.pgmusic.com
This is a program where you type in chords and select a style and it creates the instrumental music for you. You can then sing along with the music.
You can import finished midi files (B in a box can create midi files) into N-Track it you want to start adding vocals or live instruments. If you do not play any instrument you can still get the chords to songs and use BB to make the instrumentation. If that isn’t what you have in mind, if you want to sing to existing arrangements, then a Keroke program is the solution.
Hope this helps.

Noooo, don’t want to sing to pre-made music, nonono, lol.
I have music in my head i need to make, before my head explodes :p
And i play lots of instruments, i just dont have them :)
Besides, trumpets and french horns doesnt belong in pop music, AHAHAHA :laugh:

Hang out a few days Lucky and you’ll most likely connect with someone who can give you some direction.
Welcome to the Forum.

will do! And thanks! :)
I tried uploading a photo as my avatar, but that didnt work either :p hah! some luck im having! :)

Take a serious look at FL Studio. They have a DEMO - and you can start
making music with one mouse click.
It was made for you (and me).

I got like 9 of them now! LOL
It’s hard to find one that has ALL the elements I need, AND to be easily understandable…
I need:

Voice recording
Drums/Beats (many, many, many)
Music (ie, sounds, synth) in which I can play myself, note by not
Loop, vocoder (and other voice effects), equalizer, plus so much more :p

Most is great at one area, but not the next, plus I find them all very confusing as to
find what I need in the firstplace…

rolls up the sleeves

Im ready again! Give it!! :p

Just a note about FL studio.
The demo song included is very instructive by itself.
You can use your computer keyboard as as input device to play any of
the synths, drums, or samplers that are included. They have excellent drum
kits that can be downloaded from their site which are especially good for
Tance, House, D&B etc.
- There are numerous example songs you can download
from their forum and other websites (.flp files)
to examine how others are doing it. It’s well worth your time and patience
- the rewards are many. Plus it is rock solid.
You can record short stabs of whatever is ‘in your head’ and piece them together in what they call the playlist. Add effects - the results can sound quite professional.
As you learn more - you will find that you can ‘reWire’ FL to n_Track as what they
call a slave and use some of the many features of N as well.