popping, crackling noises?

i am having the same problem with N-tracks as i am with pro-tracks plus. i got protracks plus with my lexicon omega studio. i record a track and when i play it back there is a terrible popping and cracking noise that makes it impossible to hear anything. I also have Krystal audio studio and there is no popping noises on that one. i wanted to switch to ntrack because it seems to have more options , etc, so please help me with this issue, how do i get rid of the noise?

Unfortunately this can be down to any number of things, and the only way to get to the bottom of it is by careful troubleshooting and ruling things out one at a time.


I spent the best part of a year battling with this, see the recent thread about Terratec DM6 fire & ntrack.

Based on my own experience I would recommend you read up about (search the archive), and start with buffering settings first, once you have ruled that out try all the other avenues. Nothing worse than spending money on new fast hard drives, putting your music OS on a diffreent drive etc and all those other things that cost time and money, only discover that the problem was all down to how you set your buffering, in N-track and/or your card’s software.

Good luck!

i wouldnt av a omega if wos given to moi…
seems like lotsa blokes got truble wiv em
jus gettin back to net n surfin n stuff n reckon wot i would go fer wuld be somefin better that aint propritary like

Mutley is right there are a lot of different and niggling things which could cause this.

In my case I found a while back my problem was my system…An older P2 with only 256Mb of RAM. As well as an earlier version of NTrack.

Upgrading to a P4 1.8+GHz system with 512Mb RAM eliminated the nasties. Still using the same SB Live! Platinum Card so I now know it wasn’t that.

I can still cause that problem if I load a project down with way too many plugins and/or CPU hungry plugs.


my pc is a 160 gig pentium 4, 512 megabite.

ok, check this out, it only does the popping noise on playback on protracks plus? but when i mixed it down there was no popping noise, what do u think i have done wrong?

i found now that i had the output to my surround sound, for some reason it creates a lag during playback if im trying to record a second track and the popping noises are there also. but i sent the output to my headphones and it is clear. i am curious as to what could have caused it, but settling for the results at the same time. i am always open for new ideas and etc.