posting songs

legality question

i have only been trying this home studio stuff for a couple months. as soon as i get up the nerve i might post a song to be critiqued. my question: if the song is a cover, is there a need to worry about copyright laws? at this point, i haven’t completely decided on whether to post or not and my work is definitely NOT worth getting into any legal hastles. just having some fun…

Legally, I’m not sure where we stand, but I doubt that anyone would care about cover songs posted for technical review in a forum such as this.

I’d compare this to a student artist copying a painting to learn the craft.

Proceed at your own risk. :;):

Interesting question.
Is a cover a copy?
Is under authorial rights?
Is a matter of song’s age?
What our friends lawyers have to say about?

Just one opinion: I think that without authorization you can’t

don’t need jagger or stills or someone coming after my ten bucks:laugh:

This discussion comes up on a recurring basis. As one who does not write songs, but performs songs of others, it is of special interest to me.

The conclusion in the past was that it is perfectly OK to post covers here. The legality comes in when you start making money on the cover, then there is some responsibility to get the rights.

I’m sure Neil Young won’t mind my butchering his songs for my and your "pleasure"

Bring it on, I want to hear 'em. I’ll be posting some myself shortly, once I find a place to put them on the web.

thanx…i am now in the contemplation mode…funny how remembered projects are so much better than the real thing… :)

you can post them here

just sign up for a free account and you will be allowed 20 megs of online storage space.