Pot of Coffee

How old is the coffee before

How old is the coffee in the pot from this morning til you don’t feel like drinking it microwaved? I have actually went 2 hours after pot turned off. CUP O’MUD!!!

Does this mean I’m too lazy to make fresh?

I’m lazy, I just stay in bed…Deep Purple!

C’mon guys I need cheering up today :(

Coffee, being a sacred drink, should be disposed of properly when it gets overcooked or cold. A libation to the points of the compass, and for earth and sky as well, and then sing or chant a small dirge while the rest is poured down the drain.


“It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.”

-Dave Barry

I’m boilin’ mad and I think I have the grounds. Wake up and smell the coffee if you can. :D

How old is the coffee in the pot from this morning til you don't feel like drinking it microwaved?
It's too old when it gets darker after you add milk :O

If the milk can get through the layer of fungus on top that is… :laugh:

tea dosent get moldy like the joe do,


Thanks fer cheering me up guys!:D

Actually, the song I protest the most is the Pina Colada song :p

tea dosent get moldy like the joe do,,,,,,,,

That's 'cuz mould needs nutrition, and tea ain't got none.

"Have A Cuppa Tea", by The Kinks, comes to mind here.

I work with a guitarist who roasts his own. THAT'S coffee, and it'll spoil you rotten. From the roaster into the grinder into the pot. Yow.

Wow, roasts his own, that is pretty extreme. Mmm…mm…mmm…:slight_smile:

Are you serious? 2 hours? For me it is about 2 days. I am dead serious too. I have had espresso in the pot made on Saturday that I will drink on Monday or so. Just don’t get cheapo crap Maxwell House. YOu gotta find a good local roaster, buy whole bean, store it in the freezer to keep the oils nice, and grind it as needed. DOn;t buy that over roasted junk either. They replace all the good coffee natural oil flavor with burnt beans. Yuck. That is the cheap way to make folks think they are drinking high brow coffee. Though, I am an espresso man for 99% of my coffee drinking any more. The italian influence around me forced that. I still drink regular joe from time to time, but I wouldn’t toss it after 2 hours. Though, I make regular joe super strong too because after drinking espresso all the time, regular coffee doesn’t taste like much more than cigarette butts in water. Coffee should almost taste like the essence of a good liquor if done right. Okay, I’ll get off my coffee snob soap box now. :)

All those Starbucks and-like chains always serve the burnt coffee beans. Yuck

No wonder at least Dunkin Donuts tastes a helluvalot better.

Bubba…nothing can be worse than drinking INSTANT coffee which I used to do before I got my lazy ass around using the #### coffeemakers :D

Quote (aspiringWanderer @ Nov. 12 2004,12:29)
Bubba...nothing can be worse than drinking INSTANT coffee which I used to do before I got my lazy ass around using the #### coffeemakers :D

Well, I do have instant around. You never knwo when you'll have to do a "Mr. Bean" in a hurry. If you have ever seen the Mr. Bean show when he is in a hurry for work, he just spoons some instant with sugar into his mouth and takes a chug of water. I resort to that every once in a while in emergencies. Girlfriend thinks I am nuts. I am glad I am not the only one who knows about the burnt bean atrocity that goes on in coffee shops around the country.

You guys are turning coffe into a performance art. I don’t really care if it’s good or not as long as it tastes A LOT.
And coffe without cigarettes is like bathing without water :)

Eight o’Clock Bean!!!
Use this recipe for a full flavorful brew!!!
Go to the mart…
Pick up an electric hand grinder(krupps or somthing like)
Pick up 3 bags(whole bean) of eight o’clock (regular,french and columbian)
Mix em together in the grinder(that hasn’t been cleaned for 8 years) for 38.27 seconds(you might need a stopwatch for this step)Make sure that sucker is full!
Add 4 cups water to a pot that has never been cleaned( the brew is really slow)
You might feel inclined to stand and watch or hold a cup underneath while you jerk the pot out before it is finished so as to fill your cup up.
For more cups 2X the recipe :)
Remember old or burned brew is a punishable crime by law!!!

Coffee…blech! Unless its REAL cold which it don’t get around here. I just never developed much of a taste for it. Me? I’m a Pepsi man. In the mornings while everybody is standing around nursing their morning brew, I’m sipping a cold, blue-can Pepsi. Mmmmm-Mmmmm! Of course, for health reasons I might as well be drinking Drano…


PS Don’t hate me for being a non-coffee guy! Maybe I shoulda started a Pepsi thread?

Pepsi ? Yuk ! :)

Yaz, tea is the only drink fit for civilised beings.

Well, when the whisky bottle is empty and the beer keg starts smelling of dead goat that is! :D